"The Story of Franz & Alex from Satow" by Anna-Friederike C. Pöschel

"The Story of Franz & Alex from Satow" by Anna-Friederike C. Pöschel


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"The story of Franz and Alex from Satow".

An animated graphic novel by Anna-Friederike C. Pöschel

Edited by the Regional Office for Education, Integration and Democracy RAA M-V e. V.

Neubrandenburg 2022

ISBN 978-3-00-072062-8

The animated graphic novel by Anna-Friederike C. Pöschel is about two boys from Satow, a village on the Müritz in the middle of the Mecklenburg lakeland. Their names are Franz and Alex. They live surrounded by many fields, lakes and beautiful forests. There they often play hide and seek, tag or soccer with their two friends Lola and Hilde.

But again and again an exclusion monster appears, which also enters the minds of our girls and influences their words and feelings. And Franz and Alex belong to a Sinti family ... Prejudices and suspicions, monsters and National Socialists - in the end, we only learn what became of Franz and Alex and of other Sinti children from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern through secret photos taken by a priest ...

The graphic novel takes up the historical case of several Sinti children from the lakeland area and introduces the topic of exclusion, language and persecution.

Concept and realization:

Anna-Friederike C. Pöschel


Dr. Constanze Jaiser, Nadja Grintzewitsch

Josepha Dietz, https://www.junge-kuenste.de

Ramona Seyfarth, https://ramona-seyfarth.de

Supported and published by

zeitlupe | Stadt.Geschichte & Erinnerung | RAA-Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e. V.




We would like to thank Bernd Kasten and Frank Reuter for their historical research, without which this book would not exist. We would also like to thank the Documentation and Cultural Center of German Sinti and Roma for critical reading and valuable advice.

© Anna-Friederike Pöschel, Neubrandenburg 2022


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